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Welcome to the first and original Stammtisch of the Munich Bitcoin enthusiasts! Every first Wednesday of a month, starting at 6pm, the regional scene meets to casually chat about the technological, economic and societal aspects of Bitcoin. bitcoinmuc (52) in #bitcoin • 4 years ago (edited) This time we held our meetup in the conference room of the Hotel Cristal in Munich. We were cooperating with the 3-day Pirate Party Security Conference that took place there. They had no talks in the evenings, so it made much sense to move there, as soon as we were told (on quite short. [Bitcoin Munich] Next Meetup: Intellectual Property Management on the Bitcoin Blockchain bitcoinmuc (52) in #blockchain • 4 years ago How does it actually look like to work with the Bitcoin blockchain for use cases like managing document ownership, far from any „blockchain voodoo“, as one of our members recently so succinctly put it what’s going on in our space sometimes? Stepan Snigirev of Crypto Advance GmbH talks about microcontroller-based hardware wallets for Bitcoin. He shows an example of a DIY project, also suitable as.

We’re a loosely structured group of enthusiasts, developers, students, entrepreneurs, techies, hackers, activists, artists and other folks. We organize informal gatherings like the monthly Stammtisch, plus workshops, as well as events with talks, presentations, tech-demos, and moderated discussion rounds. Altcoins were made to take your bitcoins. The motivation of our group is the free sharing of knowledge and information, rooted in FOSS culture Free and Open Source Software.

Thus, we also like to examine economic, political and social consequences this technology might bring, emanating from the cypherpunk roots of the individual’s right to privacy and informational self-determination. Views expressed by them do not necessarily represent our own. We like to have various viewpoints presented, so that participants can make up their own minds.

All of our program and content is not to be understood as investment advice. Wir sind eine locker strukturierte Gruppe von Enthusiasten, Entwicklern, Studenten, Unternehmern, Techies, Hackern, Aktivisten, Künstlern und anderen Leuten. Wir organisieren informelle Treffen wie den monatlichen Stammtisch, plus Workshops sowie Veranstaltungen mit Vorträgen, Präsentationen, Tech-Demos und moderierten Diskussionsrunden.

Altcoins wurden geschaffen, um euch eure Bitcoins abzunehmen. Die Motivation unserer Gruppe ist das freie Teilen von Wissen und Informationen, verwurzelt in der FOSS-Kultur Freie und Open Source Software. Daher untersuchen wir auch gerne die wirtschaftlichen, politischen und sozialen Konsequenzen, die diese Technologie mit sich bringen könnte, ausgehend von den Wurzeln im Cypherpunk und dem Recht des Individuums auf Privatsphäre und informationelle Selbstbestimmung.

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Überweisung girokonto auf kreditkarte

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd will visit us, as well as a delegation from the BHB NETWORK aka Blockchain Lab in Milan, who will together introduce the OpenTimestamps project, plus folks from minebox. We are excited and honored to have them all for a packed program this evening. There will also be an introduction talk about the blockchain from a historical and down-to-Earth perspective, a talk about Cryptoeconomics , and we will have a good opportunity to discuss current matters like the forking concerns and how users might be affected in this decisive era of Bitcoin’s development and evolution.

Peter Todd is one of the main contributors to Bitcoin Core , researcher, and initiator of the OpenTimestamps project. His focus are areas like proofchains, treechains and scalability. He is known for working towards improving security and stability in bitcoin without compromising decentralization. Mir Liponi is the Chief Expert Officer and Nerdsitter at BHB NETWORK , where she selects and connects the best international Bitcoin experts and the most promising startups.

At the same time, she organizes the monthly Bitcoin Milan Meetup , one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe. Giacomo Zucco is the CEO at BHB NETWORK. Theoretical Physicist, former Technology Consultant for Accenture SpA, serial entrepreneur in the field of emerging technologies. Economic blogger and contributor to several Italian newspapers.

Involved in several projects in Bitcoin and blockchain space since Andreas Petersson is the CTO at Minebox. He is also long-time contributor to the popular Mycelium Wallet and co-founder of Bitcoin Austria.

bitcoin meetup munich

Consors finanz kredit einsehen

This is what NANO has been up to lately. I don’t think I lie if I say it has been quite an amazing year! See you soon and happy new year! Something nice is coming soon that I have been working on for a while, stay tuned.. December NET API for Nano RPC Kappture launched new website with cryptocurrency page Nano is now available on the crypto payments platform CycleBit Nano Wallet Company apps shutting down on February 10th, Nano Added to Atomic Wallet Introducing Pippin – a High Performance, Production-Ready Developer Wallet for Nano Nano got added to Pionex exchange Nano Round the Globe — The Power of Digital Money nano ShareRing sharing service adds Nano Happy Christmas from The Nano Center – The Nanoxmas tree is live!

The Ultimate Discord Bot for NANO – Upgraded to Graham 4. Travala partners with Booking. A Nano building competition for everyone! NANO Reaches Principal Representatives NanoGhana out showing local businesses Nano Nano PoW – The Essentials Adam Edwards joins the Nano Foundation A Look at Lydia v20 and the new memory-hard PoW algorithm Nano principal representatives just became more decentralized than Bitcoin mining pools Nano added to Metalpay cryptocurrency marketplace Kappture cryptopromo video.

bitcoin meetup munich

Soziale arbeit für alte menschen

You will get an email notification approximately 24 hourrs ahead of when the event starts. Repeat Interval Daily Weekly Every two weeks. Close Get Alerts. TWEETS TELEGRAM IOS ANDROID EVENT ALERTS COIN ALERTS COIN PRICES MY COIN ALERTS MY EVENT ALERTS ADVERTISE. Meetup Munich. THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED. Join telegram channel kryptocal We will post next days events in the channel and provide latest details about giveaways and other rewards.

Interactive Crypto Event Bot Give commands, and it will give you events for the coin of your choice. Event Stats. Event Details. Category: Meetup Time Zone UTC Created Date: May 16, AM UTC.

Ab wann zahlt man unterhalt für kinder

A group of sport- and Bitcoin enthusiasts got together to challenge themselves in a 4 day race with 14 km of swimming, km of biking and 63 km of running to raise positive awareness for Bitcoin. The idea behind team satoshi is to bring forward bitcoin and the decentralization of power and money as well as the ideals of Bitcoin, which come from the Cypherpunk Manifesto human rights, freedom of information, freedom of expression, transaction freedom, right to privacy.

The team is named after Satoshi Nakamoto the unknown inventor of Bitcoin. Seven participants from three nations will be swimming, biking and running from Zug to Munich. In total that will be kilometers. Start is on August 24th in Zug, four days later the team will be welcomed at the Bitcoin MeetUp event at Bikini Mitte in Munich. In this episode all seven participants of the Satoshi Freeathlon talk about the idea and motivation for them to participate and what Bitcoin means to them.

Podcast — Day 1 swimming, cycling , Day 3 Veronika Kütt of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center — Day 4 Andreas Zeller — Day 1 running. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Previous Post BUC Live: The Fight Against Money Laundering with Cryptocurrencies. Next Post Federico Spitaleri the Lightning Network Enables Innovation in Gaming and Pricing.

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bitcoin meetup munich

Interessante themen für wissenschaftliche arbeiten

We were cooperating with the 3-day Pirate Party Security Conference that took place there. They had no talks in the evenings, so it made much sense to move there, as soon as we were told on quite short notice we couldn’t use our usual location due to some accidental double-booking. This other event in most probability was in the context of the big political theater of the Munich Security Conference with many additional sessions throughout the city.

All this turned out to be a curious twist of fate, as our cooperation was the ideal solution after all in the best interest of everyone. Our meetup group members were introduced to the conference and the Pirate Party. Likewise, our speaker got more of the audience he wanted to address. We could get Bitcoin Core contributor „The Blue Matt“ Corallo this time, adviser for Blockstream and working at New York-based Chaincode Labs Inc.

With his talk “ Bitcoin: Privacy and Censorship Resistance Beyond the Web “ he intended to be less technical and more political after all. Many conference visitors and Pirate Party members were still sticking around, some probably with misconceptions about Bitcoin that Matt wanted to address. We had a full house. Crypto-activists have always been concerned with privacy and encryption of communication, but what about finance?

Since we had a core dev in town, we were planning a „technical part“ to have a dialog about the next Bitcoin Core release and other matters.

Beste reisekrankenversicherung für usa

The hard fork part of the New York Agreement is scheduled to take place within about two weeks. Yet, it is far from clear that this 2x part of SegWit2x proposal really has much support outside of these signatories. And now, a growing list of international Bitcoin communities is putting out public statements against the SegWit2x hard fork as well.

On October 12, , the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup — the largest and longest-running Bitcoin meetup in South Korea with over members — was the first user community to put out a statement on SegWit2x. In its statement, the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup places emphasis on the manner in which the agreement was made. Typically, changes to the Bitcoin protocol go through the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal BIP process where it is peer reviewed by developers across the ecosystem, whereas SegWit2x went through the New York Agreement, which was forged at an invite-only meeting among about a dozen company executives.

If a select group of CEOs and investors, no matter how benevolent their intentions, can unilaterally make decisions about the consensus rules without public comment and force these changes upon the network regardless of overall consensus, then Bitcoin will have lost the properties that make it valuable in the first place. Additionally, the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup argues that the hard fork is needlessly risky without offering sufficient benefits to warrant the risk.

It also takes issue with the controversial decision of SegWit2x developers not to implement strong replay protection. On the same day as the Seoul Meetup Group, the Bitcoin Munich meetup group also put out a public statement against the SegWit2x hard fork. This meetup group consists of over members — though only several dozen of them actually engaged in the vote whether or not the statement against the SegWit2x hard fork would be accepted.

This statement itself was spread via photo on social media.

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[EN] Bitcoin Munich Meetup: Wednesday July 26th, OpenTimestamps, Minebox, Crypto-Economics, and Forking Concerns bitcoinmuc (52) in #bitcoin • 4 years ago Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd will visit us, as well as a delegation from the BHB NETWORK aka Blockchain Lab in Milan, who will together introduce the OpenTimestamps project, plus folks from Bitcoin Meetup Munich ₿🛠️ Satoshi’s 21 # The Austrian School & the Political Economics of Bitcoin ₿🛠️ Satoshi’s 21 # 🌳.

Increasingly its becoming a wider decentralised cooperative, much like Bitcoin itself. He also released a phenomenal Bitcoin History Calendar for When I turn the pages on mine, each quote and image provides a reliable dopamine rush — go buy. He took the dive down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole in to reach a point where he could begin to explain things to others. An early interest in psychedelics and some experimentation on Dark Markets was his initial hook.

Step by step, he progressed and learned, thought more deeply about the implications, game theory and effects Bitcoin could to have on social and individual behaviours. He built his first Lightning Node, a Raspibolt by Stadicus. Things were way more difficult back then, but at the same time clearly improving rapidly. He started playing around with BTCPayserver too. He flyered the Conference and put his marketing skills to work, people came, great music, great vibes, beer!!

As he saw it, the only obstacle to a world where Bitcoin wins and shitcoins die, is information asymmetry about this.

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