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LONDON — Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal would prevent the U.K. from striking a trade agreement with the U.S., Donald Trump said. Speaking to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on LBC radio, the U.S. president said: “To be honest with you, this deal, under certain aspects of the deal, you can’t do it. 25/08/ · BIARRITZ, France (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday said he and President Donald Trump were “gung-ho” about a post-Brexit trade deal but cautioned the United States would be Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Even before Donald Trump arrived in Britain on Monday, he was singing the praises of a possible US-UK trade deal. The benefits of such an accord, the US president contended, would far outweigh any Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. 25/08/ · British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday said he and President Donald Trump were „gung-ho“ about a post-Brexit trade deal but cautioned the United States would be tough negotiators and that he would not rush talks. Trump promised a big trade deal for Britain after it leaves the European Union, which he said had been a drag on Britain’s ability to cut a good deal.

We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info. Britain has put a trade deal with Washington on the top of its post-Brexit wish list, citing freedom to strike bilateral deals as a main benefit for leaving the EU.

And trade talks between the nations have intensified with Mr Trump recently expressing his desire for a deal. On the other hand, Mr Trump has continually supported Mr Johnson – even before he took over from predecessor Theresa May – and seems to be more in favour of the Prime Minister than building a relationship with the EU. READ MORE: ‚Nigel’s getting ready!

Earlier this week, Liz Truss, International Trade Secretary, confirmed trade talks between the US and UK had restarted. DON’T MISS Brexit LIVE: Are you watching, Michel? Concerns over the standard and quality of imported meat and food from the US were previously raised with some stating the UK cannot drop its agricultural standards in order to secure a deal.

But in her statement, Ms Truss confirmed the practice of chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef is already banned in the UK.

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But President Trump was talking in particular about the prospects for future trade agreements. Of course, that shouldn’t be taken literally – it doesn’t mean no trade at all. But as long as the UK remains in a transition period after Brexit, or in a temporary customs union, it will not be able to implement its own free trade deals, cutting or removing tariffs on goods, with the United States or any other third country.

That much is clear, but trade deals aren’t just about tariffs. They are also about rules and regulations known as non-tariff barriers which are often more important. And from an „America-first“ perspective, it’s fair to assume that the president thinks Theresa May’s Brexit deal makes it more likely that the UK will stay fairly close to the EU in the long term, by following the same or very similar regulations in various sectors of the economy.

That is a key point. Because the closer the UK stays to the EU’s common rules and standards, the more difficult it will be for it to move closer to the rules and standards followed in the United States. We’re talking here not just about examples which come up regularly, such as chlorine-washed chicken or hormone-treated beef broadly speaking, both are allowed in the US and not in the EU , but also about industries such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Many big businesses in the UK want to stay close to all those EU rules its regulatory framework because the EU is a huge consumer market right on their doorstep. And they tend to follow the EU rules for their global operations because that simply makes things easier. The numbers are also instructive here.

So, the EU will remain the UK’s most important trading partner for some time to come. And if the president was hoping Brexit would mean a more decisive break between the UK and the EU, he may be disappointed.

trump brexit trade deal

Consors finanz kredit einsehen

By Steve Holland , William James. LONDON Reuters – U. Trump mentioned Boris Johnson, who has said the United Kingdom should leave the EU on Oct. Related Coverage. See more stories. But, after an hour long meeting with May, Trump said any issues could be resolved. There is tremendous potential in that trade deal – I say probably two and even three times of what we are doing right now.

On a trip to Britain last year, Trump shocked the British political establishment by hammering May over Brexit and praising rivals, but on Tuesday the had only warm words for the prime minister. However, he said he had refused to meet opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist who spoke at a protest against Trump which attracted several thousand demonstrators to central London on Tuesday.

I did see a small protest today when I came, very small, so a lot of it is fake news.

trump brexit trade deal

Soziale arbeit für alte menschen

As the UK races towards a potential no-deal Brexit, President Donald Trump is cheering it on. But Brexit — especially without a deal in place with the European Union — would be bad for the US-UK special relationship and would make the UK a much less important US ally. The ramifications of Brexit — in particular without a deal with the EU that pleases everyone — could be explosive.

Trump has long supported Brexit. He made that support clear during his presidential campaign and has expressed it repeatedly as president. Second, and more important, US congressional leaders have already signalled that a deal would be dead on arrival in Congress if Brexit affects the situation in Northern Ireland. In fact, the reality of a post-Brexit US-UK alliance could be just the opposite of the false promises being peddled by Trump and Bolton: the longer-term impacts of Brexit could include a significantly downgraded relationship between the two nations.

From diplomatic cooperation at the UN, to supporting the Iran nuclear deal, to working together in Nato, there are endless examples of how a strong alliance — and a strong UK — is in the US interest. But if the UK leaves the EU — especially without a deal — its influence and power will decrease markedly. It would no longer be able to influence the EU position on challenges such as Russia and China.

If a no-deal Brexit causes a rift within the UK by pushing Scotland towards independence or undermining the Good Friday agreement, it will have even less bandwidth to play a positive role around the world. And if Brexit damages the UK economy, it will likely mean a UK with less global economic and military power. In addition, if the UK and EU remain at odds over significant economic and political issues in the wake of Brexit, it could place the US in an awkward position between close allies in the UK and on the rest of the continent.

For instance, the two have been at odds over the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and whether to allow the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to do business in Britain.

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The US president says a post-Brexit trade deal between the US and UK would lead to trade at a level „four to five times higher“. Political reporter GregHeffer. Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player. Downing Street has defended Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the EU, after Donald Trump said it may hinder a future trade deal between the US and UK. Number 10 says leaving the EU customs union will mean the UK is free to strike trade deals around the world which will benefit every part of the UK.

It comes after the US president broke with convention by intervening to back Mr Johnson – even though the election campaign hasn’t officially started. Responding to Mr Trump’s claim that the prime minister’s Brexit deal could hinder a US-UK trade agreement, a Downing Street source said: „Under this new deal the whole of the UK will leave the EU customs union, which means we can strike our own free trade deals around the world from which every part of the UK will benefit.

In the radio interview, the US president claimed Mr Johnson was „willing to do what nobody else would do“ on Brexit, which Mr Trump said he was „disappointed“ had now been delayed to 31 January. He also said a post-Brexit trade deal between the US and UK would lead to trade at a level „four to five times higher“ than the current amount between the two countries. Two-and-a-half years since the last general election, British voters will be heading back to the polls.

However, the US president warned there were „certain aspects“ of the prime minister’s Brexit deal with the EU that could hinder the ability of Mr Johnson to sign a trade deal with America. Mr Trump also denied the NHS would form part of trade negotiations between the UK and US, despite having claimed in June – during a state visit to the UK – that „everything is on the table“ in trade discussions. He added: „It’s not for us to have anything to do with your healthcare system.

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Donald Trump has suggested Theresa May’s Brexit agreement could threaten a US-UK trade deal. The US president told reporters the withdrawal agreement „sounds like a great deal for the EU“ and meant the UK might not be able to trade with the US. No 10 insisted it is „very clear“ the UK would be able to sign trade deals with countries around the world.

Downing Street added that Mrs May is ready to defend her deal in a TV debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. It has been reported the debate could take place on 9 December – two days before the Parliamentary vote on Mrs May’s deal. Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Mr Trump said: „Right now if you look at the deal, [the UK] may not be able to trade with us.

And that wouldn’t be a good thing. I don’t think they meant that. It would appear Mr Trump was suggesting the agreement could leave Britain unable to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the United States. Cabinet Office minister David Lidington said Mr Trump’s comments „were not unexpected“ and negotiations on a trade deal with the US were always going to be „challenging“.

Well, I’d expect the British prime minister to put British interests first.

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27/11/ · But President Trump was talking in particular about the prospects for future trade agreements. „Right now, if you look at the (Brexit) deal,“ he said, „they (the UK) may not be able to trade with Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. 03/06/ · U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday promised Britain a „phenomenal“ post-Brexit trade deal, dismissed differences over China’s Huawei and glossed over other disagreements as he heaped praise on Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Brexit will expose Donald Trump’s war on free trade as both hollow and ill-advised. Evoking the spirit of Brexit in a speech on Tuesday , which condemned U. But far from being a boon for the presumptive Republican nominee, Brexit will in all likelihood show voters in the U. The initial market turmoil over Brexit seems to have finally subsided. The market will continue to be somewhat choppy until we know definitively what the UK’s place will be in the EU now that its voters have elected to leave.

Will it choose to totally cut off ties with the EU or will it pursue a more moderate path? President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have both said that the UK’s future in the club would probably mirror that of Norway, where the country retains the bulk of the economic benefits of the union without any of the political power. This is great for Europe as it will enable the rest of the EU to engage in further political integration, which is necessary to stabilize the euro, of which 18 of the current 28 members currently use as their primary currency.

Things like a common banking union and a common fiscal policy will finally move to stabilize the euro, which has been hampered with problems ever since , when Greece almost defaulted on its debts, requiring a huge bailout from its fellow eurozone partners to the north. Turmoil in Greece and in the eurozone in general led UK Prime Minister David Cameron to call for a referendum on exiting the EU in the first place.

When he made the announcement, it looked as if the EU was teetering on the brink of collapse, with default fears spreading from the periphery to core eurozone members, namely Italy. Distancing his country from the financial follies on the continent made sense at the time. But once Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank, promised world markets that he would do „whatever it takes“ to defend the euro i.

It was clear that Prime Minister Cameron had overreacted, but instead of admitting his mistake and backtracking on his call for an „in or out“ referendum on his country’s membership in the EU, he decided to go forward.

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