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· Fast food restaurant locations are considered at two geographic levels and assessed in relation to area-level disadvantage, urban/regional location, and around schools. This study concludes by offering insights into planning and policy mechanisms that may help control the proliferation of fast food restaurants within vulnerable by: 78 rows · This is the list of the largest fast food restaurant chains by their number of locations in the Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. To discover Fast Food restaurants near you that offer food delivery with Uber Eats, enter your delivery address. Next, you can browse restaurant menus and order food online from Fast Food places . From the comfort of your own home you can find 94 different fast food restaurants that have online ordering in Jacksonville. Popular choices are Taco Bell, Kfc, or Panda Express for fast food to-go in Jacksonville.. If you want to dine out at a fast food restaurant in Jacksonville we have 94 locations that take reservations so you can book a table in advance.

As of December, at least , U. That’s one in every six U. While this number includes every type of restaurant out there—from independent establishments to fast-food chains —experts say the overwhelming majority of closures come from the folding of small businesses. The restaurants that are best-positioned to survive, and even thrive, throughout the pandemic are fast-casual chains that rely on off-premise sales.

Drive-thrus have become the most coveted type of real estate for fast-food companies, and many brands are looking to expand their footprint by doubling-down on new restaurant designs that emphasize digital orders and contactless transactions. As fourth-quarter earnings from are released across the industry, here are some of the key fast-food restaurants that have announced plans to open hundreds of new, tech-forward locations in And for more, don’t miss McDonald’s Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.

The fast-casual Mexican chain has seen meteoric growth in digital orders in the last quarter of and attributes their success to a new, modernized drive-thru. Dubbed the „Chipotlane,“ the drive-thru lane is centered around order-ahead digital transactions, which Chipotle sees as central to its growth this year. RELATED: Sign up for our newsletter for the latest restaurant news.

According to a recent earnings call, McDonald’s is seeing a quicker recovery on their home turf than in some of the international markets. Their U. McDonald’s plans to open about restaurants in the U.

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I am looking for fast food near me now, where are the closest places to eat fast food in my location? Which fast food restaurants are open now? This page is about the nearest fast food restaurant to me, here you can find fast food restaurants such as pizza and hamburger 24 hours near me. You can view a list of the top junk food places near you below or explore the map provided by Google to find fast food places around your current location right now.

Read more. I would like to drink a good coffee at Starbucks around my location, where can I find Starbucks near me open now? Where can I find a Subway location near me? I would like to locate subway locations around my area. Where can I find Chick Fil A near me? Where can I buy a chicken sandwich in a Chick-Fil-A restaurant nearby here? Where can I find Little Caesars near me?

fast food restaurant locations

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Despite the ubiquity of popular fast-food chains such as Burger King, McDonald’s , and Starbucks, the most numerous restaurant chain in both the United States— and in the entire world —is Subway. That’s right, the chain that’s home to the quintessential footlong sub has more locations in the country than fast-food giant Mickey D’s. At present, there are 14, McDonald’s locations in the U.

Worldwide, there are more than 36, McDonald’s restaurants compared to over 42, Subway locations. Related: 9 Restaurant Chains That Closed Hundreds of Locations This Summer. First founded in Bridgeport, Connecticut in , under the name Pete’s Super Submarines , the chain now boasts locations on every continent save Antarctica.

There are 2, Subways in Canada, more than 2, in the UK, over 1, in Brazil, and roughly 1, locations in Australia, to round out the list of the top five most Subway-saturated markets. The restaurant chain can even be found in some of the world’s smallest countries, such as Liechtenstein where there is currently one Subway restaurant in the 62 square-mile European micronation.

There’s also one store in the Marshall Islands—the archipelago nation made up of just 70 square miles of land. Subway restaurants owe much of their expansion to the fact that a Subway franchise is one of the least expensive to open. For more, be sure to read The 1 Unhealthiest Menu Option at Every Popular Fast Food Restaurant. This Is the Fast-Food Chain With the Most Locations in America.

fast food restaurant locations

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A fast-food restaurant is a specific type of restaurant that is defined by minimal table service and cuisine that is quickly prepared. Fast food restaurants are also known as quick-service restaurants. A restaurant chain is a group of related restaurants based in different locations that are operated either by franchise agreements or under shared corporate ownership such as McDonald’s in the United States. Normally, restaurants within a chain are not only built to an architectural prototype of the required format but also offer customary services and menu.

Fast food restaurants chains are popular and mostly found close to shopping malls, tourist areas, and highways. Subway is an American chain of fast-food restaurant franchise that predominantly sells submarine sandwiches commonly known as subs and salads. Subway is privately held, owned, and operated by Doctors Associates Inc. Subway is the largest and the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the world with 42, restaurants in countries and territories.

Subway fast-food restaurant in the US alone has about 25, outlets. Subway is also the largest operator in the world whose international headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut. McDonald’s is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain that was founded in by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a barbecue restaurant.

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This post is adapted from the blog of Datafiniti , a Priceonomics Data Studio customer. Does your company have interesting data? Become a Priceonomics customer. The popularity of the drive-through window is a good indicator that we like to eat on the go, or at least that we are too busy to stop for a meal. However, people and their tastes vary from place-to-place, and some fast food restaurants are more popular than others.

So what are the most popular fast food joints? More importantly, which states and cities have the most and least fast food restaurants per capita? We analyzed data from Priceonomics customer Datafiniti , a data company that maintains a database of restaurants, to see where fast food restaurants were located and where they weren’t. Then, by sorting the data geographically and adjusting for population size, we can see what areas of the country have the highest concentration of fast food restaurants.

When it comes to the highest concentrations of fast food restaurants per capita, Central and Southern states dominate. Eight of the top ten states for most fast food restaurants per capita are in the South with Alabama in the number one spot. The states with the fewest fast-food restaurants per capita are mainly in the Northeast with Vermont, New Jersey, and New York taking the top three spots. Cities with the most fast-food restaurants per capita, on the other hand, were spread more evenly throughout the country with Orlando, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas in the top three spots.

Cities with the fewest fast-food restaurants per capita are mainly concentrated in California and the Northeast with New York at number one, and four California cities in the top ten.

fast food restaurant locations

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Since the start of the pandemic, the United States has lost almost 18, food establishments , according to the latest data published by Datassential. While fast-food operators weathered the pandemic with the fewest number of closures across the restaurant industry, there are some chains that have shuttered a staggering number of locations since March RELATED: 7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone’s Talking About.

According to Business Insider , Subway had by far closed the greatest number of locations among large fast-food chains, reporting 1, fewer stores than a year ago, amounting to a 6. The chain refused to provide the exact number of closures at the time but said the number was lower than the estimate. But Subway isn’t the only chain that lost a significant number of stores. Dunkin‘ reported the second-highest number of closures at net, Burger King closed locations, while McDonald’s closed Little Caesars was one of the few pizza chains that closed a significant number of locations at , according to the report.

For more on the latest fast-food trends, check out 9 Best Limited-Time Fast Foods on Menus Right Now , and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest restaurant news delivered straight to your inbox. This Popular Fast-Food Chain Has Closed the Most Locations.

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An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company’s distinctive lens. The future of innovation and technology in government for the greater good. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine–even an entirely new economic system. When the global economic crisis hit in , fast food companies were hit harder than expected.

Plus, real estate values, the secret backbone of the fast food world , were in free-fall. That last detail was crucial. Big food corporations spend much of their capital placing new locations where they think there will be growth, but suddenly those choices seemed much more risky. As the economic crisis hit the fast food industry, more and more fast food companies began adopting data-driven approaches to opening new locations, says Simon Thompson, commercial director at geoanalytics firm Esri.

Thompson says that for fast food chains, comparing all sorts of data overlays which allow them to see auto traffic, consumer demographics, safety information, commercial mix, and other factors saves them significant money when deciding which properties to open up in. Geographic and demographic data collected by Esri and competitors like MapInfo and a slew of smaller data brokers are increasingly used by fast food chains to determine where to open outlets.

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Food products. The distribution of fast food restaurants at a state-level has not previously been reported in Australia. Using the location of fast food restaurants from four major chains (McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks, and Red Rooster), this study examined fast food restaurant locations across the state of. 07/11/ · Despite outnumbering McDonald’s locations by nearly 8, in the United States, Subway’s most recent annual revenue is calculated at around $ billion, while McDonald’s generates just over double that at around $ billion. For more, be sure to read The #1 Unhealthiest Menu Option at Every Popular Fast Food Restaurant.

These rankings DO NOT reflect taste, only overall „grossness,“ OK? Grossest thing about it: There’s nowhere to sit except your car or outside on weird picnic tables and the meat is typically very damp. Grossest thing about it: Let’s be real, their sandwiches have the consistency of a newspaper. Why it’s great anyways: Sometimes you want something simple and quick, and it’s super affordable! Grossest thing about it: Subway may not be the worst fast-food place, but it’s definitely overwhelmingly lazy.

Plus, the turkey is basically just meat-flavored rubber. Why it’s great anyways: PILE ON ALL OF THE FOOD AND EAT IT LIKE YOU’RE A GAME OF THRONES CHARACTER. Grossest thing about it: It’s like Subway but it smells funny and costs slightly more, and they put weird peppers in stuff for no reason. Why it’s great anyways: The bread is incredible and they have an excellent sauce selection.

Grossest thing about it: It’s a known scientific fact that Boston Market is just, like, really gross. It’s like rubbery, wet versions of your least favorite Thanksgiving food.

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