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05/05/ · Examples of a Bitcoin Whale Satoshi Nakamoto. The mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto has not been satisfactorily solved to date, but recently the story has The Winklevoss Twins. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, famously played by Armie Hammer in the movie The Social Network, Tim Draper. Tim Draper is an. Anyone with over 1, BTC, currently the equivalent of $ million, is considered a whale, and some have billions in bitcoin. Halving is always a tumultuous event in the bitcoin world, and if the number of cryptocurrency whales is rising, it means that users . The term “Bitcoin Whales” is used to describe the market players who have a considerable number of Bitcoins. They can manipulate the market either by selling or buying a large amount of Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. A Bitcoin whale is a term given to an individual or group of individuals that handle a wallet that contains a large amount of Bitcoin (BTC). While there is no specific requirement as for the amount of Bitcoin one needs to hold to be qualified as a whale, the amount is often in the hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin.

So who are these investors? Bitcoin whales are individuals, hedge funds, and Bitcoin investment funds holding the highest amount of coins. In other words, these are the biggest Bitcoin investors on the market. At this moment in time, several of the major Bitcoin investment funds—meaning the biggest Bitcoin investors—include Bitcoins Reserve, Coin Capital Partners, Pantera Capital, Falcon Global Capital, Bitcoin Investment Trust, Fortress, and the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund.

With this in mind, a Bitcoin whale that decides to sell part of their coins can plummet prices, as numerous others follow the trend and engage in panic selling. The same concept is valid when large amounts of coins simply move or are purchased. This means that they hold almost one third of all the Bitcoin in circulation—close to 5 million coins. The coins are kept in wallets containing at least 1, BTC each. To put things into better perspective, here are some statistics that will present how Bitcoin wealth is distributed amongst its richest users.

So who has the most Bitcoins? What is Bitcoin liquidity? Oftentimes, there are two definitions associated with liquidity. During its years of existence, Bitcoin has faced periods of increased liquidity, but also periods of illiquidity.

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Bitcoin Whales are considered market players with significant funds that are able to move the cryptocurrency market. The large players being referred to are institutions such as Hedge Funds and Bitcoin Investment Funds. Some of these funds have announced their presence in the water. The ocean as a metaphor for the market is apt, since one can then extend it to include the big fish and the small fish; sharks; rallies as feeding frenzies; waves as market moves; and so forth.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and the trading of this new asset class has created a bunch of slang words, that are especially used in social media sites such as Reddit. Besides the very popular expression hodl , the term whales is another slang word used in cryptocurrency trading. When markets are highly volatile big players, referred as whales, are usually considered as the source behind the market volatility.

The analogy to the size of the whale, the biggest animal of the ocean, is the explanation for the use of this expression in such events. Hence a whale is a market actor that trades with significantly more money than the average investor, and is therefore able to move the price of cryptocurrencies. These funds typically manage hundreds of thousands of bitcoins, which they strategically and covertly put through the exchanges via special arrangement — out of sight and obscured from regular retail traders.

With their large capital mass, institutions can move the market at will. It is here where the metaphor of a Bitcoin Whale comes into its own because any other inhabitant of the ocean must simply get out of the way, or be moved forcefully.

what is a bitcoin whale

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What Is a Bitcoin Whale? Let’s take a look all registration photos for the competition Simple Wealth season Fear and Greed index of Bitcoin. What Is Taproot and How Will It Benefit Bitcoin? Related Pages See All. Coinhako Vietnam. Eureka Forex Trader. Tickmill Vietnam. Video Transcript. Crypto’s run continues to dazzle. Even though Bitcoin has been consolidating near the 50 thousand mark, recent drops were quickly bought up indicating solid buyer support.

A very important statistic to monitor is the number of Bitcoin whales and this has been increasing as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. Whales are described as the number of addresses holding between a 1,, Bitcoin and this is now hit an all-time high. Why is this important?

what is a bitcoin whale

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The large crypto transfers were initially detected by blockchain tracker and analytics tool Whale Alert. Whale Alert first noted at p. Six minutes later, that eighth unknown wallet sent 9, So far, none of the addresses in the massive transfer have been linked to known crypto individuals or organizations, and the BTC does not appear to be heading to an exchange, where it could be sold on the open market. This suggests the transfers are either individuals or institutions moving funds for security purposes or to facilitate a direct, over-the-counter sale.

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Bitcoin whales holding from to 10 thousand BTC have accumulated 60 thousand BTC in one day. Read: Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Gets Biggest Drop In BTC History. The accumulation can also be linked with more decentralized Bitcoin network as miners are forced to leave China and its territories. Bitcoin whales are buying BTC and have recorded the largest accumulation in one day, buying 60 thousand BTC. Network data analyst firm Santiment said the whales bought 60, BTC in one day, the largest daily accumulation this year.

These addresses hold 9. Bitcoin whales are large investors and institutions holding between and 10, bitcoins on a single address. According to Santiment, a total of 9. Whales: „Nom nom nom… BTC so yummy today. The accumulation of 60 thousand bitcoins coincide with largest adjustment of the BTC network difficulty. Despite the short-term effects of the mining ban in China, many traders and investors believe that this is a healthy development that will lead to further decentralization of the bitcoin network.

The prospect of further decentralization of the Bitcoin network may have sparked bullish sentiment and excitement, resulting in the BTC whales acquiring an additional 60, coins in one day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get Updated with All The latest Crypto News, Articles, Reviews, Analysis and much more.

what is a bitcoin whale

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In this post we will be taking a look at what makes them tick and what are some of their actions which can cause price gains and losses. In Oct. That wave caused turmoil among the crypto-investing community, people who were, at the same time, frustrated and confused about what would lead someone to do such thing. In contrast to BearWhale, some other subsequent whales have since then created waves in some crypto-markets, especially in younger ones, with much more strategic motivations.

These whales are people who, like BearWhale, already possessed exorbitant wealth in cryptocurrencies, and used their power to create waves of strategic lows in some of those markets, so they could buy the coins at opportune prices, and, obviously, profit selling it. This makes, of course, enthusiasts from the targeted cryptocurrency very frustrated. These incidents have already happened with several alternative, younger cryptocurrencies.

This kind of manipulation works, in a nutshell, like this: the whale, owning a large amount of funds and interested in investing in certain cryptocurrency, places a colossal limited sell order for a price lower than the lowest already offered in that environment. At the same time, every other trader who Is selling the cryptocurrency in question is also forced to lower their sell price, resulting in shattering money losses for them.

This means that, officially, that cryptocurrency value has been depreciated. The whale will remove their sell order after successfully provoking the wave and nimbly buy all the coins available at the low price its wave attained. The whale then does this repeatedly, placing enormous sell orders, making the coin value drop, removing the order, buying for the reduced price, generating successive waves of depreciation until they are satisfied with how much funds they acquired, for the price they wanted.

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Mike West 26 Jul Cryptocurrency Leave a comment 58 Views. According to a certain crypto whale on Twitter, Bitcoin will eventually tank once again and even fall to yearly lows! The crypto whale noted that they had warned about the dump last week and it is now aging perfectly. The account Mr. Although this might be sad news for Bitcoin bulls as of the moment, if this is true, this is the harsh truth of the market and the recent spike in Bitcoin price might just be a way for crypto whales to cash out at higher prices.

Bitcoin will eventually tank again, and fall to yearly lows. This bounce is a fake-out rally and is aimed at luring people in for the next big rug pull. I warned about this pump last week, and it’s aging perfectly. We aren’t going to all-time highs. Control your FOMO. While these two cryptocurrencies soared high, they also went down. For those that HODL their Bitcoin as it sank in price, the best thing to do is to hold for longer and wait for the price to slowly come back to its prime.

Although there have been strong predictions saying Bitcoin will rise to new heights before the end of the year, this still remains to be seen.

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06/05/ · “Bitcoin Whale” is a term used to describe Bitcoin investors who have a strong influence on the cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto money exchange is compared to the ocean. The largest fish of this ocean is the ‘Bitcoin Whales’, who have a fairly large amount of Bitcoin. A Bitcoin whale is an informal term used to describe people with large holdings of Bitcoin. These people typically have a certain amount of influence on the market. In other words, they can single handedly move the market. 77 views.

Follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram. Not much is known about the Bitcoin whales. Sure, we know they’re holders of large quantities of Bitcoin , but beyond a few names most of us are in the dark as to who exactly they are and what functions they have within the BTC ecosystem. Well, aside from being public champions of Bitcoin and also investors in numerous crypto-related companies, October report from blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis shows that, contrary to perceptions of volatility and pump-and-dump manipulation, their main function within markets has been to drive the price of BTC upwards.

The reason for this categorization — rather than, say, the top 1, wallets — can be outlined by data from BitInfoCharts. For instance, in the space of the two months between December 16 and February 26 , the top wallets, including those that belong to exchanges, saw their overall balance of BTC increase by , By contrast, the top to 1, wallets saw their balance decline by , over this period. As explained in further detail below, what this provides is further evidence of the whales‘ tendency to accumulate Bitcoin during bear markets, while smaller investors tend to sell off and vice versa.

However, thanks to media reports and personal admissions it is possible to provide the names of many of the individuals who belong in this list, even though it’s not possible identify specific addresses. The above list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it’s possible to infer the identity of other Bitcoin whales by simply looking into who was an early BTC investor or miner, or into who founded a successful crypto-exchange, business or investment fund.

In other words, the Bitcoin whales are pretty much all entrepreneurs who were quick to notice that Bitcoin offered them a massive opportunity to make lots of money.

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